Decorating and a VERY happy ending

If you have been following my socials, you may have seen a post here and there about some apartment decorating, and while it looks cute and fun, I gotta say, it doesn’t come without its stressors!

I had an ex-boyfriend who was an avid visitor of massage parlours, and had often been to them with his girlfriend at the time. It excited me hearing his stories, and how he could hear his girlfriend being pleasured by the masseuse. And after a very stressful week, his visits popped into my head and I thought… well, why not?

I’m not going to lie, like every client, I was a little bit nervous. What if they said no to women? But, remembering my exes story of taking his missus there, off I went.

Once I stepped through the door, I already felt a wave of calmness, and also excitement, come over me. Soft music played in the background and the air was filled with the scent of lavender and sandalwood. The receptionist greeted me and maybe picked up on my nerves, because she asked if it was my first time there (busted!).

I chose a gorgeous South East Asian masseuse. She had long hair, green eyes and a smile that made me just KNOW she knew what she was doing. She led me to the room and I couldn’t get undressed fast enough! She started using delicate strokes, gradually easing away the tension in my shoulders and neck before moving her way down. As she progressed down my body, I felt a profound sense of release. It was like the combination of the relaxing massage and knowing what was coming already had me feeling some kind of way.

Any nerves I had were now gone. Why on earth hadn’t I done this sooner? I felt like I was going to die if she didn’t touch me in my *special place* in the next few minutes. And let me tell you, when she did get there… I certainly didn’t need oiling up.

I’m not going to give you all the dirty details (I have to keep something private for my personal spank bank!), but let me just say… I’m confident I’m going to be back there after I finish wallpapering my lounge room!